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How to fix sagging mattress

How to fix sagging bed
The old bed was better.
It was heavier, and it lasted longer and was lot less expensive

Bed is broken down

Mattress must sag 1-5/8" in first year before they honor warranty.

Warranties on beds today are worthless. Even if you spend thousand to buy best bed, and pay for extended warranty.

With nobody laying on my mattress, it sagged 1-1/2" after 14 months.
1/8" short of 1-5/8" so no warranty coverage.
Money down the drain.
My back ached every night.
Fix sagging mattress with styrafoam

Push styrafoam between matress and box spring

Fix sagging mattress with styrafoam
Add or substract more pieces to make bed straight
Cut stryafoam with utility knife

Cut 1/2" or 3/4" stryafoam with utility knife

Buy blue styrafoam at local building supply... $12 for 4x8 sheet
Buy new sharp utility knife blades

Identify approx shape of low spot.

Cut styrafoam into shape that is about 1-1/4" smaller than low spot on bed

If bed is low where you sleep on side, then cut arcs ... slightly smaller arc than low spot on bed

Also cut 2 smaller squares
Fix bad mattress mattress warranty claim
Only the corporation knows for sure

Everybody has same problem with sagging mattresses... and these companies should build modular mattresses, and then provide repair parts instead of lame warranties and excuses


Make sure box spring is solid

Put plywood under mattress if necessary before installing styraform

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