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Make QR code for your business card/ or advertisement

QR code on business card Add QR code to business card

Show your website, address, phone number
QR code reader app Download QR code app for cell phone

1) Get 'QR scanner' app for iphone or android (free download)
2) Scan QR codes below and they shows link to different pages on my website plus imaginary phone number
QR code for business
QR code for:

Scan it with QR code reader on cell phone
More QR codes appear each day

Whatever letters or numbers you can type on a keyboard can become a QR code.

Customer Scans the code with phone app, and they get a website link, or coupon, or other information.

Use this technology for your business.

Add QR code to business card or flyer or newspaper ad.
Print it on side of business vehicle.

QR code can be a link to website, or your phone number. Or it can be a coupon offer or promo code.

Suggest including description saying what the QR code does for the customer.
For example QR code on left goes to a webpage on my site

Add QR code to business card
QR code showing this webpage and a phone number:

Scan it with QR code reader on cell phone
How customers use QR code
Customers download QR code app on cell phone, open app on phone, scan QR code using phone, and phone automatically loads link going to web page... or shows phone number ... or coupon etc

Your customer can scan code and instantly dial correct phone number, and find webpage without using tiny keyboard on phone. Customer can forward your webpage to their email.

You can choose to include 2-3-4-5 things: webpage, phone number, personal message etc

For example QR code on left goes to a webpage on my site, plus shows imaginary phone number (you might want customers calling day or night)
Add QR code to car Add QR code to vehicle
Never leave the scene without folks noticing
QR code Add QR code to products you sell
Sell the item on the spot... or...
People can scan the code and go to your website immediately

Add QR code to items sold at flea market, etsy, ebay etc

How to make QR code QR code generator
Available online FREE (for real... free)
How to make QR codes
Example QR code generator:
How to make QR code:
Search web for: QR code generator/
Example QR code generator:
Type your website link, or phone number, or coupon code... whatever you want to type.
Whatever you type will appear when QR code is scanned by cell phone
Press save... save image of QR code on desktop

How to use QR code
Send image to newspaper to craigslist or print company to include in advertising
Send image to company printing business card or product packaging
Send image to company that prints stamps... add QR code to your postage or to any product
Get more information to customer with smaller ad

Use photo editing to add QR code to flyer etc
Use microsoft paint, photoshop elements, or free gimpshop etc to add QR image to your product or flyer.
Microsoft paint
Save QR code image to desktop.
Open Microsoft paint.
Drag and drop image into Microsoft paint.
Select> select all > right click> copy.
Then paste into your flyer or business card creation.
Use resize to change scale of QR code
Print flyer or business card.
Photoshop elements
Save QR code image to desktop. (Or take print-screen grab of QR code on the code generator webpage> File> new > image from clipboard> crop with crop tool)
Drag and drop image into Photoshop elements.
Make rectangle around QR image using marquee tool > go to edit > copy.
Then paste into your flyer or business card creation.
Use move tool to change scale of QR code
Print flyer or business card.
Send QR image to company that prints your business cards or product packaging or local newspaper advertisement.
Gene Haynes
I use Photoshop Elements 7 and Elements 5 to make illustrations on my website... and people often find my website through image search
Buy Photoshop Elements at Amazon
Photoshop Elements has No subscription fee
Add QR code to facebook page
Resource: Why facebook email notifications don't work

QR codes have current and future applications for business:
Stores offer coupons: when in-store shopper passes sign with QR code, the shopper scans code and gets coupon.

Get more information to your customer with smaller ad
Magazine advertisements often have QR codes...
Newspapers have QR codes
Make a QR code with your phone number to add to business card, or to link to any website:

Customers get quick accurate access to your phone number and website without using keyboard.
Just scan the QR code
Intermatic control centers Intermatic control centers:
+ manuals and parts

Including Z-wave
box timers Compare box timers

Control with Z-wave
programmable timer Compare programmable timers

Control water heater with programmable wall timer
Countdown timers Compare countdown timers

Control water heater with countdown timer
Compare power packs

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