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You are a writer.
Imagine you are a writer.
.. a whiz with words... and you have a spelk checkor

You are qualified to write articles for textbroker or other services...
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What happens to your content?
Textbroker owns or resells your content.
Your content is posted on the internet.
Your content generates money for the other guy.
The other guy got ripped off, lol
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What if your content appears on a web page that is swarming with google ads.
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Yes Textbroker is using or selling your content... and posting tens of thousands of webpages filled with quasi-information that you aggregated for them at 2-5 cents per word.
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Oh my... the challenge
So the question is....
Do you have a 1000 beefy articles you can post on the internet?
I mean useful content. Not happy face BS, but fine stuff that people want.
Dream big
Can you dream up a site name that matches your expertise in chemistry, or law, or home health care, or masonry, or cricket, or tree carving, or shoe repair?

Can you dream up a title for each web page article that matches the words that people type into a search bar?
Can you make 1000 web pages using free Kompozer software...
... or using Coffee Cup?

Can you find or some other web hosting service and ask them how to post your web site??? No you're not going to use their web builder.

Can you sign up for google adsense and let google post advertising on your pages?
This page was made using free Kompozer, and I'm too stupid to get Google adsense....

Yes... a website is more work than authoring. Blah.
Inconvenience makes more money
Don't forget...
Your big articles (10 paragraphs).. yes, the good stuff... on electro-chemical processes performed on Ares in low gravity ... that prove there is gold in outer space !!
You can post that classic on 6 consecutive webpages...
Please... inconvenience the public and make us go to 6 separate pages.

Because each web page is filled with more blinking flashing money-paying advertisements that force the public to spend money.
God help us, we don't want to click ads, but we have to, which benefits you.

Think about it ... we need web content on outer space gold to spark public demand for the next space race. You can do it.
Expect low turn out.
You have to promote your website.
You are in business, and can submit a loss for 3 years before the IRS says it's a hobby.
No you probably cannot deduct your home office, but you can deduct cost of new computer.
Add attention-grabbing illustrations and photographs.
It's a lot of work.
Whatever you do... don't give your work away for 2-5 cents a word.

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Control water heater with countdown timer

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