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Figure Volts Amps Watts for water heater 9 ways to save with water heater
How to install recirculation system Point of use water heater
Compare 16 electric and 2 gas water heater timers
How to install point of use water heater Point of use water heater
Troubleshoot electric water heater Troubleshoot gas water heater


Solar powered clothes dryer

Solar powered clothes dryer

Sunshine is one force causing wind

Neptune receives little solar energy but has 1000 mph winds.

But the important thing to remember about outer space, is that the asteroid Eros might have gold.
car bomb

Imagine if the revolutionary war was won with roadside bombs.. instead of muskets

... Yep, the constitution would grant the right to bear car bombs

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When in hospital, they connect you to O2 not CO2

Control water heater remotely

Control electric water heater with z-wave
Control gas water heater with remote control
Off-peak water heater strategies

box timers Compare box timers
Intermatic control centers Intermatic control centers:
+ manuals and parts

Freeze control centers
Basic timer control centers
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